Membership Details
There are four classes of membership of the Institute:
  1. HONORARY MEMBERS, who shall be distinguished persons with existing or previous navigational interests, or members who have rendered outstanding service to the Institute, and upon whom the Council see fit to confer and honorary distinction.
  2. FELLOWS, who shall be who have attained a high degree of technical eminence in the science of Navigation.
  3. MEMBERS, who shall be persons who satisfy the Council that they are interested in the advancement of the science of Navigation.
  4. CORPORATE MEMBERS, who shall be Universities, Manufacturers, Operating Companies, or other organisations interested directly or indirectly in the science of Navigation.

Note: If you are currently undergoing (or a recent graduate of) a navigation-related course (eg including the RAN and RAAF navigation/ACO courses and Australian Maritime College courses or similar) then you qualify for a one year free membership.

SUBSCRIPTION: Every Fellow, Member, and Corporate Member shall pay an annual subscription in advance, for the year commencing 1 July.

Full Members/Fellows $75.00
Senior Members - any member of Fellow 60 years old or older $50.00
Corporate Members $135.00

BANK Details

Bank: Commonwealth Bank of Australia
Bank Account Name: The Australian Institute of Navigation
BSB: 062001
Bank Account number: 00918322

*Please include a clear identification name of the member when making the bank deposit.
Membership Application